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Calidad y Servicio

Traditional Butchers & Quality Meat Cut to Order

For fresh cut meat and great service visit our carnicería. We have the best Latin cuts of meat always cut to order by our highly skilled butchers. Quality, freshness and service with a smile are our top priorities.

Some of our specialties:

  • Arrachera Steak
  • Cecina – Thinly cut steak that is oiled and stalted, and ready for cooking
  • Breaded chicken breast and steak – Thinly cut and made fresh daily. Perfect blend of spices and breading, ready to just thrown in a pan.
  • Choizo – Mexican “spicy” sausage, made fresh with our own blend of lean pork and chili spices.
  • Steak fajitas – Mixed with oil, fresh bell peppers and onions ready to go for dinner or parties.
  • Pork ribs – Get a full slab or already cut up in bite size for your stew.
  • Carne al pastor – Marinated pork bits, with chunks of fresh pineapple and onion, perfect for tacos.

Stop by and see everything else we have to offer in our carnicería!

Frutas y Verduras Frescas

Fresh Latin American Fruits and Veggies

At La Union Supermarket we work hard to bring our customers fresh produce year round. We are known for having always ripe avocados, fresh cut cilantro and always having mangoes and plantains in stock. We are always searching for the best deals without sacrificing quality so that we can pass on the savings to our loyal customers so they can make the most out of their hard earned money. If the quality isn’t there and we wouldn’t put it on our table you won’t find it in our small yet well stocked produce department. As always if you there is something you see we are lacking in, just speak to one of our employees or managers and we’ll do our best to get a certain fruit or vegetable in as soon as possible.

Productos de todo Latino America

International Market

Our shelves are stocked with all the Latin American brands you trust and have been used for generations in our families homes. We are partnered with Goya, V&V Supremo, La Prefrerida just to name a few. And as always if there is a particular product you need to complete your recipe let any of our employees know and we will do our best to get it in stock for you the next time you visit. We also have a vast selection of fresh and dried chiles and spices you won’t find anywhere else. Stop by and walk down any of our isles and immedietely be transported to Latin America.