Sus Comidas Favoritas para Todas Sus Reuniones

Your favorite Dishes for all you Mexican Fiestas


La Union le ofrece una gran selección de guisados, tamales, frijoles, arroz, barbacoa, mole y mas para todas sus ocasiones especiales.

Si busca algo que no ve aquí en nuestro menu, hable en persona con nosotros y haremos lo possible para que su fiesta sea un exito.


At La Union we offer a wide variety of Authentic Mexican Cuisine for all of your parties and special occasions. If you would like something you don’t see on our menu, please call or stop by in person so we can work with you in creating the perfect party menu.


    • Catering

    • Arroz & Frijoles

      Rice and Beans.

      Full tray (20-40 ppl.) - 30
      1/2 tray (15-20 ppl.) - 16

    • Carnitas

      $5.99 /lb

      Full Tray (20lbs/40-50 ppl.) - $100
      1/2 Tray (10lbs 20-30 ppl.) - $50

    • Barbacoa de Res y Chivo

      7.99 /lb

      Slowed Cook Shredded Beef or Goat.

    • Flautas

      $6 per dozen

      Deep fried taquitos, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, crema, salsa and cheese.

      Choose from Chicken, pork, potato or requesón (mexican style ricotta cheese).

    • Fajitas

      $15 /lb

      Cooked steak or Chicken fajitas with tomato, onion and bell peppers.

    • Guisados

      Mole Red or Green - $5.99 /lb
      Cochinita - $6.99 /lb
      Chicken Tinga (Tinga de Pollo) - $5.99 /lb

    • Cabeza de Res


      Whole cows head cooked wtih chili paste rub or natural.
      Cabeza Entera de Res Enchilada o Natural.

    • Mojarra Frita

      $6 each

      Whole Tilapia Deep Fried and Battered.

    • Menudo

      Traditional Beef Tripe Stew.

    • Carne Para Tacos

      Cooked Chicken, Steak or Marinated Pork Taco Meat.

      Chicken/Pollo - $10/lb
      Asada/Steak & Al Pastor - $15/lb

    • *****

    • Posole

      $15 /gal

      Red, Green or White Pork Posole with toppings.

      Rojo, Verde o Blanco Con Verdura Picada Aparte.

    • Homemade Tamales

      $12 dozen

      Pork (red), Chicken (green), Cheese and Jalapeño, Pinapple and Strawberry with raisins.

    • Pollo

      Whole Grilled Chicken with grilled jalapeños and onions. - $10 ea
      Whole Rotisserie Chicken - $7 ea

    • Chiles Rellenos

      $2.20 ea

      Stuffed Cheese Poblano Peppers.

      Chiles Poblanos Rellenos de Queso.

    • Jalapeños Rellenos

      $1.50 ea

      Jalapeño pepper stuffed with ground beef, cheese, or tuna.

      Chiles Jalapeños rellenos de Carne, Queso o Atún.

    • Carne a la Parrilla

      by pound (market price)

      Arrachera, Cecina, Chicken Breast or any other type of meat cooked on the griddle to your liking.

      Arrachera, Cecina, Pechuga de Pollo, Carne Enchilada o
      cualquier otra carne cocinada al gusto.

    • Postres

      Tray of Flan - $30
      Pastel de Tres Leches - Three Milk Cake
      1 Tray (60-100 per.) - $80
      1/2 Tray (40-50 per.) - $50
      1/4 Tray (20-25 Per.) - $30
      Churros - $15.50 a dozen or $1.39 each
      Cheese Cake - $2.50 per slice
      Fresh Fruit Cup - Price depends on season